Top Book Reviewers
Book-reviewers-only Amazon rankings
What is this?

This is Amazons top 10,000 customer reviewers page filtered down to only book reviewers. I just recently noticed that they even had a top reviewers page and thought it was kind of interesting. Most of their pages are very product driven (understandbly) so it's kind of neat to see some of the people around it. It was a little hard to follow though since there's no real "kind of reviewer" to filter by - things like "best selling" or "top rated" can be narrowed to "books" or "sports equipment" or "pen" or whatever. So I wrote this filter to attempt to narrow it down to people who focus on book reviews. It's far from perfect, but certainly a bit easier to browse.

The "Rank" is the reviewers position on the main list including all reviewers, Helpfuls and Votes are how many times their reivews have been marked "helpful" and how many fan votes they've gotten.

In full disclosure, I mostly noticed the list because my wife appeared (and still is) on it. Her name is highlighted in the list, which I added when I mostly wrote it for myself but which I'm shamelessly leaving in even though I'm putting it on a public page.

Enjoy, Patrik.