Smooth bezier wobble

Wobble amount:0.1
Wobble speed:0.05
You don't support canvas.

What to do: Move sliders to make this wobble differently

What is this anyway: While is looks like a circle (sort of), it's actually four bezier curves with their contorl points set to approximate a circle. There are two control points per quarter-circle, and these are faded around smoothly using a sine wave. In addition, each control point is mirrored across one of the four endpoints, so that the line going into and out of the end point will always be heading in the same angle (like the "locked smooth" point in an image editor). The "wobble amount" just scales up how far they move, and the speed changes how fast they move along their (sepearte but dependent) sine waves. The javascript in the source has some more (possibly easier to follow) comments. I'm thinking this would look kind of cool done on a more gerenal curve, like an svg or the output from a truetype font, so I'm here testing it on a very basic curve.