I’m a guy from Sweden, but living in Kansas since my early 20s (now in less than six months left in my 30s). I have a lovely wife and three kids at 20, 15 and 11. I work from home doing various computer stuff, sometimes things outside too depending on what I can scrounge up. Computers have been my main thing since I was very young, so both at work and play I usually do something computer related.

I fail at blogging fairly regularly – every few years I’ll decide to post things I do and think about and then fall apart pretty early usually due to overcomplicating things and never bothering to hit publish on anything since I haven’t gotten around to editing it. So this is a new attempt, where I’ll try to stay focused on keeping things fairly simple, letting some faults stay rather than letting it go completely until I actually want to. I’m also hoping to use it more as a “notes to self” so I know what kinds of things I’ve started on but not finished yet and how I did the parts that are already there (I tend to forget). Perhaps I’ll post some various day-to-day thoughts too, who knows.

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