A while back, I got sick of the normal “tell me my IP”. was my go to, but it lagged and some of the ads got in the way. I learned a few others, but never really had the name on the spot. So eventually, I used a leftover .tk domain (registered to my wifes nickname as a temp, she was planning on moving her blog but ended up instead joining the team at another blog, Crystals Many Reviews, so it never got used nor did I reg a .com or .net as a permanent) to make my own. Because I couldn’t always get the right Host: on it and the server wasn’t used for much besides a few static things, I hijacked the error page as well, so that even bad requests (“echo NOT_VALID_REQUEST |nc 80”) returned my IP. It was handy and it’s been that way for six months or so.

I mentioned it in a reddit thread where people were pouring out various cool places that give your ip (Moan my IP was kind of interesting..) and realized I should really open that up. Since I may still use the throwaway domain, I just regged a new one. So now that does that. Access it through a browser or any other connect pretty much (needs to tell it something, with a linefeed) and it’ll spit the IP back. does the same except if you specifically access it correctly (HTTP 1.1 with correct Host: statement) in which case it’ll bounce you to this blog (or perhaps this page, I haven’t decided yet. I don’t even know if anyone will notice yet). So if you don’t want to go here, dont’ do that – illegal requests only or if you must be proper.

Hope you like it.

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